Redacted Ableton Project Files

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Everyone wants to learn production secrets from their favorite EDM producer. And when you think about EDM producers there’s really only one that stands above all others. His unique sound design and innovative production has opened the doors for all other music producers. His leadership in the genre has inspired many producers in the scene including ourselves. He created a movement and inspired people all over the world to pick up a laptop and start producing music.

You can finally gain access to the most Legendary Ableton Project Files Remakes and level up your music production skills. Jump start your music production journey by studying the fine details and secrets to unlock your creative and technical skills.

Everyone wants to learn Production as fast as possible and the easiest and best way to do so is by opening up expert project files and dissecting the song with your own hands. Study professional techniques so you can quickly learn the secrets of your favorite artist and become an expert producer.

These are the most accurate recreations of his work and will help any producer grow their skills to an expert level. Take a look under the hood and see how these project files were made.

This package contains 6 Ableton Project file Remakes


One of our most coveted recreations. The Main Bass alone has been attempted by many and none have come close. The way that this track is written creates the most simplistic of ideas into an absolute masterclass of sound design and songwriting.

Needed U

This is what you get when you mesh 2 of the World’s Best EDM Music Producers and a Mega Pop Star sensation. The blend of genres created a new wave for Pop music and EDM producers alike. The most “Expensive Sounding Sounds” you have ever heard. The technique for the vocal used in this recreation will be a sweet addition to your production tool belt. (Not to mention some silly vocals to chop up too)


Not the first but definitely one of the biggest and most successful songs in the whole pack. The Bass only took 10 years for someone to get it right. You now finally get to learn from this genre blending project file. The recreation is so close to the original and you will definitely gain some skills from this one.


A Dark & Twisted combination of insane sounds that really inspired us to learn sound design. Some of the Growls, Basses and Leads drive this track into the sound that inspired all of us EDM producers today. Check out the layering and the Vocal Formant sounding Growls singing you a nightmare lullaby.


The one that started it all. What can you say about this that has not been said already been said...We compare this song to Nirvana’s teen spirit. A compilation of sounds into a lush and melodic banger that no one expected or heard before. From the vocal chops too the Talking Growl baselines this is an EDM classic that reshaped the dance music scene

Make Moves

This one holds a special place for us because we remember hearing it and just being so perplexed on how someone could create these types of sounds and not alone be able to put them in a phrasing that is memorable. The dark intro and verse that leads up to this insane drop really will help you understand how to structure your drops and how to puzzle things together to make something new & fresh. Really dive into the drop on this one and learn how to take a single sound to a whole new level of options.