Drops Only. Vol 2

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(DROPS ONLY. VOL 2 Serum Presets)
The inspiration behind this pack is to give you the most cutting edge drop sounds in the industry. We know how hard it is starting with a blank slate, and trying to write the perfect drop. We have all banged our heads against the keyboard trying to come up with right sound or idea to get the ball rolling, but now you dont have to... 
With Bass music always evolving you need to be able to come up with fresh new ideas quickly. Our goal is to bring you to the forefront of creativity and give you the best possible sounds available, cutting down your production time so you can focus on the things that matter, like finishing your tracks.
Give yourself the tools needed to unleash that big track that you never knew you were capable of. Find your next hot sound with a pack of cutting edge Serum presets made with breakthrough sound design techniques that we are only now just starting to release. We have gone through over 1000 presets and designs and picked our favorite 100 (150 if your are lucky enough to be the first 500 purchasers) 
Buy Drops Only Vol 2 today and experience one of the most advanced packs we’ve ever released.

If you're here to create sensitive emotional drops, these sounds are not for you. Only aggressive face-melting drop sounds. (sorry we're not sorry)