Danny Mentoring Lessons

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✅ | Full Audio Production

✅ | Sound Design

✅ | Mixing & Mastering

✅ | Ableton

✅ | Logic

✅ | Composition

Time: 1 hour


What’s up everyone! My name is Danny. I've been producing and making music for 20+ years. I’ve grown up in the studio all my life and have been mentored by some of the industry’s most reputable names. I’ve had the pleasure of working with an array of different producers such as Timbaland, Borgore, Brillz, Dan Farber, Kelly Price, and Larrance Dopson (1500 or Nothin)- to name a few. Some of my specialties include Ableton Live, Logic, sound design (Serum, Massive, Sylenth), mixing/mastering, and songwriting. I really enjoy teaching people how to get their tracks to the next level and am excited to share my production tips and secrets with you.

If you are completely new to Ableton or Logic, I can teach you the basics of the program and get you up to speed so you can start your creative journey in just a few lessons. I will teach you the most important aspects of Ableton/Logic so you will have the most efficient way to start producing by yourself without getting overwhelmed. My goal is to remove any obstacles you may have with your DAW and develop a workflow that works for you.

If you are new to sound design, I can teach you how to make your own original sounds or remake sounds from your favorite artists to use within your own productions. I can show you the basics on how to move your way around synths like Serum or Massive that can feel very overwhelming at times.

If you’re more experienced, there is always something new to learn and I am happy to share my knowledge of mixing and mastering, sound design, and composition with you. If you have been producing for a while and maybe you are in a musical rut or need that extra boost to get your music to the next level, I can help. If you are aiming to produce or mix in a certain genre I can help you achieve your goals. I am great at replicating synths, drums, and mix/mastering styles. You let me know what style you are going for and I can get you there.


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Still wondering if these lessons are for you? Tell me what you'd like to learn at LESSONS@XLNTSOUND.COM and I'll let you know if I can help you.

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Nick giardino
Bad Ass

Danny is extremely knowledgeable and talented. He walked me through sound design of both basic and extremely complex sounds. He then emailed me two custom serum patches he made from scratch during the lesson. One was a bass growl made from a sample of a human scream, the other was a synthesized scream that simulates human fry screaming. It was an XLNT experience, I gotta say. Thanks Danny! If you're looking for sound design lessons, Danny is the man. I will be back for metal mixing lessons from Parker!