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Hey guys my name is Morgan, I’m one half of “FOMO”. I’ve been DJing/Producing full time for around 5 years and have played shows with tons of artists including NGHTMRE, Slander, Party Favor, Jauz, Slushii, Ghastly and many more. I’m well rounded in all aspects of Music Production and have highly developed skills in Song Writing, DAW technique, Music Business, Flow and most importantly, Sound Design. I specialize in bass music production so if you want to learn how to make fat, dirty basses, or just about any other type of sound, I’m your guy! I’m confident that I can help you set AND attain your goals as a music producer am confident that I can give you everything you need to become the producer you want to be.
If you are completely new to Music Production (Ableton), I can teach you everything you need to know to set up a strong foundation for your music career as well as give you the tools and resources you need in order to learn on your own time. I’ve developed a number of skills  and a strong musical catalog of everything that has helped me along the way and am excited to share them with you. With my help you can trim months, if not years, off the learning curve of being a beginner music producer. 
If you are an intermediate Music Producer, I can teach you how to get your tracks sounding professional and start you on your path to finding your signature sound. I will teach you everything I know about Sound Design and Creative Song Writing so we can develop the skills 
you will need to write strong originals and remixes for the artists you love. On top of this, I will work with you to develop a regime that will challenge you in a way that will build your skills as fast as possible.
If you are advanced, I’m going to push you and make you into a killer producer. Together we will pin-point your strengths and weakness while refining the former and developing the latter. I will help you enhance your sound and get your tracks from good to great. I will work with you to set up a strict game plan for attaining your producer goals and I will be the catalyst for you to become the best you can be.
You can check out some of my music down below! 


How much are the lessons?
The lessons are always $85/hour or $55/30min. If you'd like to schedule an hour and a half, add 1 hour to your cart, then add 30 minutes to your cart. Payment is due before the lesson through our normal checkout process after adding the lesson to your shopping cart. Ask us about bulk pricing if you’re interested in numerous lessons.


How do I schedule a lesson?
Add the lesson to your cart and checkout, and we will immediately get in touch with you via email or phone to schedule your lesson.


What does a lesson with you look like?
The best way is to send me your Ableton/Pro Tools project file, and we can share our screens and audio through Zoom. We find using Zoom ( works best for lessons as we can share both our screens as well as audio. You will need to have Zoom downloaded and setup before the lesson.


Can you work on my Ableton/Pro Tools project?
Definitely! If you have certain sounds/synths that you don’t think I’ll have, freeze them and bounce them out. I will typically have any plugins you use.


How do I send you my Ableton project?
For Ableton: First you need to open up your project and go to File>Collect All and Save so that your samples will be transferred with your session. Then you will need to compress/zip your project folder (not just the .als file) and send it through email. On a Mac is as easy as right clicking on it and selecting Compress. If you’re having trouble, let us know and we’ll guide you step-by-step.

What do I need in order to have the best experience during the lesson?
You will need whichever DAW you’re working out of, headphones, and a mic (built-in laptop mics are fine). We find using Zoom ( works best for lessons as we can share both our screens as well as audio. You will need to have Zoom downloaded and setup before the lesson.


Still wondering if these lessons are for you? Send us an email to (Subject line "Morgan Lessons") and we'll let you know if we can help you!