8TY6IXED Sample Pack

  • 8TY6IXED Sample Pack

8TY6IXED Sample Pack



    Listen up dummy boys, 8TY6IXED brings you the #1 hottest selling sample pack in the world. Been featured 10 for 10 on the billboard sample charts. Not even the feds can get close to touching these samples. Test your gangster with these rainbow elements to achieve and create Tekashi’s distinct raw New York style trap bangers.

    These 85 high-quality samples & loops include savage trap drums, booming dark 808s, gritty hats, wet & slappy claps, bouncy melodies, and vibrant FX all in the name of the king of New York.

    You’ll also get expertly replicated signature samples from 6ix9ine’s hit “FEFE” that’ll make your tracks worthy of street cred (and of course, soundclout). 😎

    8TY6IXED includes:

    15 - Kicks
    15 - Snares
    10 - 808s (including signature 808 from “FEFE”)
    10 - Claps
    10 - Hats/Cymbals
    10 - Percussion
    10 - Loops
    05 - FX

    -Ableton Project File & Instrumental
    XLNT “FEFE” remake Ableton project file & instrumental

    24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW's - Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Reason, Cubase, FL Studio Maschine...)